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Vintage Yak Bone Buddhist Prayer Beads


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Vintage Yak Bone Buddhist Prayer Beads. Set in disks with brass, copper, and silver, these genuine and reclaimed natural ingredients are said to improve circulation, and the flow of healing energies. Wear this magical mala necklace and allow its healing properties to radiate through your body.

Each bead is created in layers with yak bone, silver, aged turquoise, aged coral and brass. The central bead is turquoise one side and coral on the other with a bright red tubular wood bead 

Yak is a long-haired animal found throughout the Himalayan region of south Central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and as far north as Mongolia and Russia. All the yak bones used are the leftover from the domestic population that died from natural causes. 

The mala has a wonderful aroma to it, one that I can only relate to the earthy smell of camp fires.

Weight: Approximately 135.2 gms
Length: 32" with an added 2 1/4" of focal bead and 11" of cord tassel 
Bead Size: 5mm thick x 12mm diameter (main 108 beads) 
Large Central Bead: 15mm thick x 20mm diameter
Tassel beads: 2 rounds @ 5mm x 11mm ,1 red wood bead measuring 23mm long x 5mm diameter
Beads material: layers of yak bone, silver and brass with coral and turquoise inlay
Stringing material: Natural fibers as shown on the tassel in photos

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Unju Crafts

Unju Crafts is small privately owned artisan business founded and managed by Sayedullah Rahman, a Tibetan Muslim artisan. He works to support socially and ...

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