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Vajrasattva Gold 9" Statue


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The statue depicts him holding the Vajra or Dorje and bell, which together represent the body, speech, and mind of the Buddha. In accordance with the tantric ritual, he is holding the Vajra in the right hand and the bell is held in the left. The Vajra represents the compassion of the Buddhas, the masculine principle, and the bell represents wisdom, the feminine principle.

To achieve enlightenment, these principles must be combined. Used together in ritual, the Vajra and bell purify the surrounding space of negative energies, and raise beneficial energy for positive work. Vajrasattva is the supreme remover of obstacles for Vajrayana or Tibetan Buddhism

Handcrafted from annealed pieces of copper, the statue is partially gilded in 24kt gold. The face is hand painted. One of a kind statue.

9" height x 5" width x 2 1/2" depth

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