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Unconditional Love Mala


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For the friend, the support, the unconditional love. Beautiful, gentle, understanding, forgiving. All that we are and hope to be. Let this Love Mala necklace serve as a beautiful reminder that love is beyond compare and wrapped in our hearts for eternity.

Rose Quartz is known as the Love stone. It is said to open the heart to all types of love and help with self-worth. It vibrates a soothing + calming energy.

Sandalwood is believed to transform one’s desires. It is a powerful sacred material that is known to help one maintain alertness while meditating. It gives off a soothing scent that is known to attract positive energy and clear perception.

Length from end to end is approx. 34 inches.

8 mm fresh sandalwood beads with Rose Quartz & Pink Agate. The mala is finished with a gorgeous handmade silk tassel.

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