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Turquoise Regal Tear Drop Pendant


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Stunning regal tear drop pendant handcrafted from natural turquoise and coral in a silver frame. Intricate tendril design of sterling surrounded by halo of arabesque style design. This healing gemstone pendant is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. 

Turquoise is a purification stone. It dispels negative energy and balances and aligns all the chakras. Turquoise is said to help in self-realization to reach higher spiritual understanding. 

Coral is said to quiet the emotions and to bring peace within the self, facilitating intution, imagination and visualization. Coral helps one to better understand and use the qualities of the mystic. 

A perfect piece of healing jewelry charged with medicinal healing, serenity and balancing energies. 

Measures 3 inches in length. 

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About This Artist

Unju Crafts

Unju Crafts is small privately owned artisan business founded and managed by Sayedullah Rahman, a Tibetan Muslim artisan. He works to support socially and ...

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