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Tiger Eyes Wrist Mala


Availability: In stock

This 10 mm Tiger Eyes wrist mala strung in traditionalguru bead style. Tiger Eyes is a gemstone of success. Tiger Eyes is a gemstone known to attract spiritual and physical wealth. It is beneficial for health & spiritual well-being. Helps keep you balanced, focused, centered & grounded. It is said to attract wealth and bring good luck.

A perfect piece of healing jewelry charged with love, healing and balancing energies. A meaningful bracelet to wear throughout the day whether you choose to use it for a quick meditation or to remind you of good things. It is crafted on a strong, latex-free stretchy cord so as to slip on to your wrist easily.

All of my items are handcrafted with love, prayers, a Buddhist healing & meditation mindset with great attention to details. I make all of the malas using high quality stones. These stones are not artificially colored and are a true representation of nature’s intent.

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