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Seashell Inlaid Turquoise Coral Beaded Bracelet


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One of a kind, stunning statement bracelet handcrafted from eco-friendly beads adorned with sea shells and inlaid turquoise coral brass pendant. The small beads are made of recycled glass plastic cut from bottles and bottle caps. This majestic bracelet is complemented by small brass beads and pair of reconstituted turquoise and coral beads. Stiched with soft black cotton wrap for a comfortable wear.

Adjustable to fit all wrist sizes. Measures approx. 2 inches in width (height). Approx. 10" in Length. 

This beaded cuff boho wrap bracelet is a Fair Trade product. Carefully hand made by superior crafts people in Rajasthan, India. Your purchase directly assists in the day to day lives of these artisans and aids in preserving and expanding their native crafts. 

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