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Paisley Jamawar Silk Wool Throw


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Stunning Jamawar shawl crafted of wool and fine silk. Very soft to touch. Originally detailed with needlework, the imagery on this wool silk shawl is achieved on the loom. The wrap is woven in a rich combination of colors. Ingeniously crafted this piece has been woven with floral paisley patterns and motifs using multi-colored silk-threads. Flirty fringe on both top and bottom.

This wonderfully soft and warm shawl is for those chilly nights. Great to wrap up in when watching TV, going to the game, or store in the car for an emergency. Durable, warm and cozy

Care: Dry Clean or Light gentle hand wash. Aerate in fresh, open air as an alternative to washing

Measures 29 inches in width & 82 inches in length. Fringe measures 3 inches on both ends.

The legendary jamawar style was originally executed with laborious needlework. These ancient textiles were embroidered by hand with such intricate detail that a person could finish only one shawl in his lifetime. Jamawar shawls were not sold, but were given to kings and queens who, in turn, gave the artisan properties according to the worth of the shawl.

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