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The seed & the idea behind Tribe Azure and its global artisan movement began more than 45 years ago through the visionary work of Bomdon Ngodup, a pioneering social entrepreneur. Her incredible journey dates back to the early 1960s in the streets of rural North India. Coming from an aristocratic Tibetan family that was forced to beg and work as day laborers in India, Bomdon began working as a street vendor from an early age.

A Pioneering social entrepenuer with humble beginnings


Bomdon started a small scale operation whereby buying arts & crafts from newly arrived Tibetan refugee artisans and selling them on the streets of Kangra, a small town in the rural part of North India. Times were tough for her and fellow Tibetan refugees in those days as even the basic necessities that we take for granted such as food, clean water and electricity was scarce. But through overcoming these overwhelming odds from humble beginnings, Bomdon forged her vision to affect change and eradicate poverty around the globe through market based solutions.

For the last 40 some years, Bomdon has worked tirelessly to create sustainable economic opportunities for artisans in the developing countries of South & South East Asia. Through her efforts and unrelenting dedication, Tribe Azure has grown a global network of socially conscious entrepreneurs working to provide economic opportunities to artisans in developing countries.  

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