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Naturally Aged Bodhi Seed Wrist Mala


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Buddha Eyes Bodhi Seed Compassion Wrist Mala. 10-11 mm dark bodhi seed beads from Bodhgaya, Buddha Shakyamuni's place of enlightenment. The beads cut on each end to make them flat in the traditional way. As bodhi seed beads age, they absorb the oils from skin and the environment, and become even more endearing and beautiful. 

Hand carved stone featuring hand painted Buddha eyes, symbolizing the all knowing wisdom of a Buddha on obverse and Om Mani mantra, a symbol for universal love for all sentient beings on the reverse 

The wrist mala is strung with loving intention on the strongest stretch cord available. Should fit comfortably for the selected wrist sizes. 

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About This Artist

Ashok Handicrafts

Ashok Handicrafts is a small cooperative in Bodhgaya, Bihar India consisting of 20 artisans. Ashok Handicrafts is one of Tribe Azure’s oldest artisan...

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