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Namgya Lama Gold 6" Statue


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Namgyalma also known as the crowned mother Buddha is a female Bodhisattva with three faces and eight arms. She is one of the three revered deities of longevity.

The statue depicts an eye on each side of her forehead and a coronal twisting around her painted on her crown. Her face resembles a sesame and her eyes red lotus petals. The face on the left side symbolizes benefit and longevity. The face on the right side symbolizes the defeat of evil. The mother Buddha is holding a Vajra on one hand and a rope on the other hand. The palm of her third hand is facing the front to gratify peoples wishes.

Handcrafted from annealed pieces of copper, the statue is partially gilded in 24kt gold. The face is hand painted. One of a kind statue.

6" height x 3.5" width x 2.5" depth

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