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Kullu Valley Wool Handmade Shawl


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Woven by hand, this beautiful shawl showcases the traditional textile art of India's Kullu Manali Valley near the Himalayas mountain. The cozy wrap blanket features chevron motifs along the borders in orange, black and brown. Primarily sheep wool with some mix of Yak wool at times. Durable, warm and cozy for chilly nights.


They're single bed sized so they're long enough to wrap you and a friend or two Size 81 x 39.5 inches (205.74 x 100.33 cm) with a 3 inches (7.62 cm) fringe on top and bottom.

Care Instructions: - Hand wash in cool water with a mild soap or using a natural shampoo - Rinse gently and lay flat to dry - Dry cleanable - Do not tumble dry - Aerate in fresh, open air as an alternative to washing

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Kullu Valley Wool Handmade Shawl