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In Harmony Mala


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There is undeniable beauty when two things flow in harmony. Finding that connection between our head and our heart can often feel difficult, but it is truly our natural state. This journey of synchronicity requires non-judgement, love, and kindness for ourselves. Be gentle, and trust in the process.

Chrysocolla is a stone of empowerment of the feminine energies, teaching that genuine power is best expressed through gentleness. It is a stone of the Goddess, and those who resonate with it will likely feel her ancient and enduring energies rising within themselves. It is the stone of forgiveness, peace, and the strengthening of emotional bonds. It encourages compassion, and helps us recover our natural spontaneity. 

Rudraksha is a very spiritual stone encouraging you to harness your energies for growth and clarity

8-9 mm size 108 mala beads. The Yoga Mala necklace is finished with snow quartz spacer beads with Guru Rudraksha head bead and fine silk handmade tassel.

Measures approx. 34 inches length.

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