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I am One Mala


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You have released what is needed to be set free. You have trusted that where you are now is exactly where you need to be. You and the universe are now one. You are open to what is coming to you because you've manifested something bigger than yourself. New people, new experiences, new places, new outlooks a new adventure is on its way. Just breathe deep and let the universe flow.

OM - The oneness of existence, the primordial sound - the balance of everything in life’s cycle, the past, present, and future: all is contained in this one utterance. When you embrace your individuality, your truth will become your greatest strength.

Howlite is believed to bring peace + calm. It inspires attunement, prepares the mind to receive wisdom and insight. It formulates ambitions, both spiritual and material. It teaches patience and absorbs anger. 

8 mm size 108 mala beads with White Howlite , Amethyst Gemstones and OM pendant. The Mala necklace is finished with head guru Rudraksha bead and fine silk handmade tassel.

Measures approx. 35 inches length.

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