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Tribe Azure & Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a commitment towards ensuring fairness, integrity, and providing optimal working conditions for vulnerable producers around the world while respecting the natural environment and its resources. The wellbeing and progress of our artisan groups has always been at the core Tribe Azure’s world changing mission. We have found that many of the fair trade’s guiding principles align perfectly with ours.


Fair Trade: 10 guiding principles

PRINCIPLE 1: Create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers.

PRINCIPLE 2: Be transparent and accountable.

PRINCIPLE 3: Conduct fair trade practices.

PRINCIPLE 4: Pay a fair price.

PRINCIPLE 5: Guard against child labor and forced labor.

PRINCIPLE 6: Promote gender equality and non-discrimination.

PRINCIPLE 7: Ensure good working conditions.

PRINCIPLE 8: Provide capacity building.

PRINCIPLE 9: Promote fair trade.

PRINCIPLE 10: Respect for the environment.

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