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Embroidered Patchwork Wall Hanging


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Floral vines illuminate their way through fields of flowers, embroidered by hand. Enhanced with multicolored patchwork, glittering sequins and bead work celebrate spring enchantment. These exuberant colors of tribal patchwork are from nomadic Banjara region around Rajasthan, India. Lined in splash of colors, this cotton haning is individually crafted, thus colors and motifs can vary slightly. 

Can be used as a runner, tapestry or hanging to brighten the mood around the house. 


Full Size Hanging Size: 58 inches Length x 37 1/2 inches width 

# Old Sari Patches, Each With Unique Embroidery And Patterns.

# Fabric: Cotton, Beads, Sequin, Precious stones, Vintage Patches Of Old Saris & ethnic wear

# CARE: Dry Clean Only

# Since its made of different combination of patches, each piece will be a little different from other.

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