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Spirit Warrior Mala


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Be the warrior you are meant to be, full of love + light. This mala is for ones who fills the world with positive energy. The one who is a lover, healer, and a total spirit warrior. You manifest wisdom and strength to create a light that encourages, inspires and helps others. Embrace your inner warrior.

8 mm fresh sandalwood beads with Turquoise and Red Jasper bead gemstones. The mala is finished with a gorgeous natural carnelian gemstone pendant and rustic copper accents. Length is approx. 33 inches. Mala Necklace drops down 21" inches (which includes the pendant). 

Sandalwood is believed to transform one’s desires. It is a powerful sacred material that is known to help one maintain alertness while meditating. It gives off a soothing scent that is known to attract positive energy and clear perception.

Turquoise is a purification stone. It dispels negative energy and can be worn to protect against outside influences or pollutants in the atmosphere. Turquoise balances and aligns all the chakras, stabilizing mood swings and instilling inner calm. It is excellent for depression and exhaustion, it also has the power to prevent panic attacks. Turquoise promotes self-realization and assists creative problem solving. It is a symbol of friendship, and stimulates romantic love.

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