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Bodhi Seed Energy Chakra Mala


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Chakra Balancing Buddhist Mala - A Perfect Piece of Healing Jewelry for people seeking understated but a purposeful energy Mala.

This 7 chakra mala is created with 7 different natural gemstones complemented by the face faced (mukhi) auspicious Rudraksha mala Guru (Head) bead. There are seven main energy channels, the seven chakras, in our body aligned with the spine. It is believed that when the energies flow through the chakras, our physical, mental and emotional bodies can heal and become balanced.

High quality naturally aged 10-11 mm Bodhi Seed for the main beads. It's getting harder and harder to source this type of aged Bodhi Seed as it has become extremely scarce in the last few years. There are less expensive types of Bodhi Seed malas out there. But this type of Bodhi Seed beads are preferred choice for serious Buddhist and yoga practitioner as it is from same type of Bodhi Tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment over 2000 years ago. The beads are sourced, calibrated by master craftsman, Ashok in Bodhgaya. The beads cut on each end to make them flat in the traditional way. As bodh seed beads age, they absorb the oils from skin and the environment, and become even more endearing and beautiful.

Measures approx. 39 inches Length. 

I've placed the 7 chakra gemstone beads after every 54 Bodhi Seed beads, as many mantra practices require 54 or 27 recitations. Using the Charka colors for Marker beads is also helpful for refocusing and bringing your mind back to your practice.

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About This Artist

Ashok Handicrafts

Ashok Handicrafts is a small cooperative in Bodhgaya, Bihar India consisting of 20 artisans. Ashok Handicrafts is one of Tribe Azure’s oldest artisan...

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