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Agarwood Buddhist Prayer Beads Necklace


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Buddhist Prayer Beads - For Spirituality, Love, Protection and Balance - 108 beads Mala

Jichimu Wood, commonly referred to as "Agarwood" 8 mm mala beads with pressed Amber, and Turquoise beads. The mala is finished with a silver plated Vajra Dorje charm on a endless knot protection knot. The beads are strung on a strong, latex-free stretchy cord so as to slip on to your wrist easily or can be worn as a necklace. 

Approx. 32 inches long. 

Jichimu describes a wood whose deep brown and gray patterns when cut tangentially resemble the patterns of bird feathers. The radial cut appears less dramatically with parallel lines of concentric layered tissue. It is known to enhance spirituality and love. 

The Vajra or Dorje represents spiritual power and balance. It is seen in both Buddhist & Hindu Yoga traditions. The two spheres of the dorje joined together in the middle represent the two sides of the brain. This dual nature in the dorje symbolizes the body & mind, or masculine, feminine. Just as in other types of eastern philosophy and religion such as the yin yang symbol, this duality is represented in the Vajra. 

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